About us

passion for photography

My vision

Wedding photos are meant to remind us of happy moments full of expectations for a beautiful life.

I wish to be part of this experience of two people bonding, depict the joy and brightness of their love and bring out their personalities.

Each one of the four seasons has its own light and colors. Nature, just like a piece of art, gives its best scenery for your wedding whichever season you choose.

Dinos Papawinter

Main Photographer & Owner of Bright Bright Photography



Our Team

Capturing moments is achieved by the creative eye of professionals, but it works perfectly only within the best team!

Dinos Papawinter

Sofia Lili

Vitalis Gaevskyi

L. Anagnostopoulos

Petros Sougleris


They say about us...

"When professionalism exceeds your expectations, when you get the feeling that someone knows you deeply and well enough that manages to capture on film  your soul... Congratulations to the whole extraordinary team."


"Excellent work, professionalism 100%, crystal clear photographs and the most important... feelings, emotions are captured and appear in a unique way in every photograph."


"Perfect photos at perfect landscapes that capture in an unmatched way the unique moments of marriage!!!"


"High quality and extremely beautiful photographs captured with absolute professionalism and expertise! Magnificent landscapes and sceneries which absolutely reflect the uniqueness of each moment!"


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